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Telepathy KDE PPA

Two days ago, as Martin Klapetek mentioned Telepathy KDE got it's first Technical Preview release. In case you were ever wondering what on Earth is that, there is an awesome post written by George Kiagiadakis, one of the developers behind Telepathy KDE, that explains what it is and what it might become in future.

Telepathy KDE looks like and awesome project and awesome projects deserve as much attention and support as one can give. Having that in mind (and few users asking for it in #kubuntu) I approached the guys behind the project and asked them what do they think about having one, as they liked the idea I have set up:

Telepathy KDE Releases PPA - This PPA will have packages for official releases of Telepathy KDE for natty and oneiric (for now)

Daily Builds PPA - This one, as the name implies, will have daily builds of Telepathy KDE modules and should be used only by adventurous people :)

So, if you are running Kubuntu and would like to give Telepathy KDE a try now, please add ppa:telepathy-kde/ppa to your sources list and install telepathy-kde package which will pull all necessary modules.

Kudos to all people behind Telepathy KDE, those great people are hanging around in #kde-telepathy @ Also big thanks go to George for providing me the packaging so I had less work putting everything together.

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  1. Thank you for the PPA. Do bug reports go to

  2. Note for others: the Telepathy KDE PPA depends on kubuntu-backports PPA (and possibly others, see "Technical details about this PPA" on the PPA page)

  3. Thanks, but why is the GNOME Keyring poping up after creation of an account? I would expect kwallet.

  4. dns-hmpf: Right now Telepathy itself does the key storage and it calls up gnome-keyring. The devs said it's being worked on.

  5. you wrote "for oneiric" also, but there are no packages available for oneiric as far as I can see

  6. @CTown
    Yes, please report against component: telepathy
    @Bart Schelstraete
    I believe that ppa:telepathy-kde/ppa contains packages for oneiric since I just installed them on my VM :)

  7. This is nice! I'm testing telepathy in my work box and I compiled everything with no problems, but I really prefer using packages. I'll try to install everything from the PPA in my home box.

    BTW, why you didn't include the telepathy-kde-filetransfer-handler and telepathy-kde-send-file packages on the Telepathy KDE Releases PPA?

  8. @Quintasan:
    Yeah, I have them now.. I'm getting old I guess :p


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  10. Thanks for the PPA, I use it very long time, but seems that it stops updating more than 1 year, last update is 2013-12-12.

    Can you update ppa with fresh version of KDE Telepathy?

    Or maybe you move fresh version to another ppa?