czwartek, 12 listopada 2009

Hi planet!

Hi Planet!

I finally decided to start a new blog written in English, I did this due various reasons, the first one is international fame of course ;)

I do not expect anyone (well, maybe with exception to people on #kubuntu-devel) to know me. My wiki page says almost nothing (and I'm too lazy to fill it) so I would like to take some of your precious time and introduce myself. If you didn't notice, my name is Michal Zajac, I'm from Lubin, Poland and I'm 16 years old. I'm interested programming (C++, Python), Japanese culture (not limited to anime & manga) and skateboarding (this short video presents how awesome I am :). I used to play games a lot but to my own amazement I do it less often now, still feel free to challenge me in Soldat or in Teeworlds.
I have been using Kubuntu since 6.10 and I begun to contribute in the middle of 9.04 cycle. Long, long ago (can't really remember lol) I joined #kubuntu-devel and asked how can I help. Few seconds ago I was delegated to task "Find a patch to fix Lancelot bugs with Qt 4.5, test it and send me the diff". After googling for "WTF is diff" and "lancelot patch qt 4.5" I started learning packaging the hard way, instead of reading the wiki I was just medling with the files. Somehow I managed to build it and test it. After that I sent the diff and that was my first "srs" contribution, from that point it got lot more interesting. Fast forwarding to now, I'm a one of the legendary Kubuntu Ninjas, member of the Polish Translation Team and I'm planning to get into MOTU by the end of the year, I belive I can make it :O.