środa, 2 listopada 2011


Now that I am back from the absolutely fabulous hot-tub I can do some blogging about Ubuntu Developer Summit which is currently going on in (today at least) sunny Orlando, Florida. What Kubuntu Team has been doing these past three days is laying foundations for the upcoming development cycle which will result in the Precise Pangolin release, the next Kubuntu LTS release. As you may know due to policy change LTS releases will be supported for up to 5 years. With the upcoming KDE 4.8 release I am pretty sure this LTS will be rock solid and you won't be disappointed.
Having missed my plane to Florida from NY I was not able to make it in time for broken CJK support discussion and I hope it will get fixed early this cycle. We have also planned lots of love for our and upstream's documentation and we made some extra plans for the Q development cycle and that should result with us having a very detailed and precise (pun not intended) docs for everyone out there. What I am particulary happy about is that we had a special session dedicated to Kubuntu Active which aims to bring you the latest mobile and touch friendly KDE technology such as Plasma Active, Contour, Calligra Mobile, Kontact Touch, Plasma Media Center and possibly some more. In the session dedicated to filesharing in Kubuntu Aurélien Gâteau and Rodrigo Belem made some very fancy mockups and the filesharing dialog will see many improvements.
At some point in time I found myself heading to two interesting sessions, namely: Ubuntu on Tablets and Ubuntu on Phones. In my opinion both sessions were very good, discussing how community sees this working and what needs to be done in order to achive it. As far as I am concerned there are no work items yet but I expect we will see some progress in pushing Ubuntu onto mobile devices very soon.
There are still few interesting sessions scheduled such as accessibility, a whole session on our new package manager - Muon and a very special packaging training session for our documentation master - David Wonderly.
Should you want to join us in our endeavour to make Kubuntu better you can join in the conversation at IRC and listen to audio streams, see http://uds.ubuntu.com/participate/remote/ for more information on remote participation.
I guess I'm back to enjoying my Dr. Pepper then.