czwartek, 17 grudnia 2009


Board the MOTU Ship!

So, today I received email confirming that I'm one of the Masters Of The Universe, I'm doing my best to stop myself from jumping around and directing the whole positive energy to working on packages :) . I belive working with other MOTUs will be only a pleasure.

I belive a “interview” with me will be available soon on Behind MOTU

I would also like to thank Johnatan Riddell (Riddell), Johnatan Thomas(JontheEchidna), Harlad Sitter (apachelogger) and Scott Kitterman (ScottK) for showing up at the meeting and supporting me.

Next stop: Kubuntu Developer :)

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  1. Welcome into our ranks! :) We have cookies. And a channel. And don't mind He-Man and Skeletor, those silly guys, always fighting over nothing...